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We areFuture of Fashion

Future of Fashion is a concept and community platform made with a sustainable purpose by eliminating waste and providing space for environmental friendly and ethical made clothing. We focus on the history of the products and promote the idea of quality instead of quantity, with a business model based on collaborations, sustainability and circular design.

A New Vision for the Future of Fashion

Future of Fashion is more than just clothing. It is a creative platform for the designers of tomorrow to express themselves and showcase the future of fashion. Our platform aim to inspire the new generation of designers to pursue their passion, orthodoxly or not, by empowering them to create without fear of judgement.

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We Believe in Quality, not Quantity

Future of Fashion aims to create unique and responsible made products to forward-thinking consumers. Through a streamlined production process, we intend to provide a clean supply chain and utilize sustainable resources. We deliver only what is in demand and offer the customers unique and sustainable products in limited editions.

Future of Fashion + Your Brand
Future of Fashion offers new coming designers, fashion brands etc. extensive publicity and promotion through our site, to give designers and brands a platform where they can connect with a global audience and showcase their products from anywhere in the world. We are an eclectic platform with an ever-growing passion for fashion and design, aiming to help emerging fashion people to get a foot in the door.
How We Collaborate


Connect with our members; some of the most emerging names in the fashion industry, as well as fans of our own community through co-branded products.


Authentically reach our the Future of Fashion community through native brand integration in event franchises across our fashion initiatives, all social by design.


Future of Fashion designs, produces and markets limited edition merchandise by collaborating and co-creating with the biggest brands and designers in the world.

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Sustainability & Ethics
Fashion is one of the world's most polluting industries, and millions of clothing workers are daily exposed to work-related risks and living in poverty, but when fashion business is done well, it can be transformative for the people behind the product and their environment. At Future of Fashion we are inspired by the potential for good business to create value for everyone. Sustainability for us means generating value in three dimensions - where people, the planet, and profits are considered equally platforms for business success.


of millennials are willing to pay more for sustainable brands.
Consumers Want Change
Increasingly, apparel customers, especially so-called millennials, are prioritising ethics when it comes to their fashion choices. They are among a growing group of customers who are seeking out brands with a purpose, and products with a story behind them. For them, there is a human dimension to what they buy and how they buy it. And there is increasing evidence in sales figures that these new consumers are not just talking about it but are actually acting on their values.
Reduce Overproduction
Today more than ever, fashion and its consumption-driven production need to be rethought. Both people and the planet demand a change: in production, in mindset, and in values. It’s time to adopt a new, slower and more respectful approach.
Each garment is made with premium quality sustainable materials in a limited number of items, and is either printed, embroidered or tailored to each order. Thereby we can create several styles from each garment, and approach the fight against overproduction in the fashion industry in a new innovative way.
Responsible Packaging
Future of Fashion is paving the way for other young, trend-led brands to be sustainable, implementing an environmental consciousness into every aspect of our business. We have made three pledges: first, to ensure all packaging is widely recyclable; second, to introduce a half-size box with less material; and third, to incorporate sustainably-sourced materials including FSC-certified card and post-consumer waste.

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