Elise By Olsen: YOUTH MODE

The world is obsessed by youth. Fascinated by adolescence, by precociousness, by young people rebelling, excelling, doing almost anything. An age can be an accomplishment in itself. For years, editor and curator Elise by Olsen was framed by such headlines. Intelligent and assertive beyond her years, Elise was a pre-teen magazine editor (she started Recens Paper when she was 13) who built a vigorous artistic community of like-minded young people around her publication. For By Olsen, “Recens Paper was a celebration of youth culture generated by youth culture.” But as she approached 18, By Olsen began to feel that her involvement in Recens was becoming inauthentic, that she was at risk of exploiting youth culture in the same way so much of the industry does. What can an adult say about youth culture, when they are no longer themselves a youth? “Now, at 18, I am no longer a minor. Running a youth magazine as an adult would be like running a student magazine as a teacher.” In order to stay true to the publication’s mandate, By Olsen decided to retire her Editor-In-Chief position. And what will become of Recens? By Olsen’s resignation will involve the appointment of a new, younger Editor-In-Chief. In a documentary collaboration with SSENSE entitled Youth Mode, Elise By Olsen explains her decision to step-down from Recens Paper, and usher in the next chapter. Directed by Kristian Engelsen. Music by Jimi Somewhere, Julian K, Malibu, Smerz and Theo Mode