Gucci Stories: The Myth of Orpheus and Eurydice

Gucci’s “The Myth of Orpheus and Eurydice” is a four-part series of short films shot in New York. “Palo Alto” director Gia Coppola casts a contemporary lens over the Greek legend, starring the ill-fated lovers and the Pre-Fall 2016 collection. According to the ancient tale, talented musician Orpheus descends to the underworld to retrieve his beloved wife Eurydice, who steps on a poisonous snake and dies after being chased by Aristaeus. Moved by Orpheus’ music, Hades, ruler of the afterlife, allows him to take Eurydice back under one condition. Eurydice is to follow Orpheus while walking out to the light, but he can’t look back otherwise she will return to the land of the dead forever. Chapter 1: The Wedding In the wedding scene, Eurydice, played by singer songwriter Lou Doillon wears a serpent embroidered gown from the new collection. To match it perfectly, Alessandro Michele created a custom diaphanous tulle veil with a four-foot train shaped like a butterfly. Chapter 2: The Bliss First seen ominously watching the newly married couple in the first chapter, actress Laura Love reappears as Aristaeus, in Pre-Fall’s striking embroidered red cape. Chapter 3: The Descent Underscoring each film’s romantic scenes, Oscar-nominated costume designer Arianne Phillips styled the shoot with the Pre-Fall 2016 collection. Eurydice meets her fate in a white lace dress, Dionysus boots featuring sequin patches and the GG Marmont bag inset with red leather hearts. Chapter 4: The Petition of Hades Gia Coppola’s dreamy take on the myth is accompanied by a modern pop score arranged by Dev Hynes, who composed a melodic tune for Orpheus to strum when charming Hades in a subterranean club. CREDITS Directed by: Gia Coppola Cinematography by: Jason McCormick Original Music by: Devonté Hynes Additional Music by: Ben Morsberger, Gabriels Starring: Lou Doillon, Marcel Castenmiller, Laura Love, Rocco Di Gregorio Styling by: Arianne Phillips Makeup by: Lottie Hair by: Teddy Charles Production Design by: Natalie Ziering Edited by: Jamie Foord Sound Designer: Brent Kiser Original Artwork: Faust Creative Director: Jack Becht Story by: Dirk Standen, Hamish Anderson Produced by: Benjamin Gilovitz, Sasha Smyslova, Heather Semler