The Other Side

There’s something exhilarating about finding yourself in a new city alone. You’re out of your element, disoriented, and swept into the chaos until, in some chance encounter, you find a constant—a latch. More commonly, it’s a stranger who speaks your language at the restaurant you stumbled into, but sometimes it comes in the form of a rogue band of punks dressed in head-to-toe Saint Laurent outfits—that’s how things go in Leo Adef’s world, at least. In The Other Side, the new fashion film by the Barcelona-based filmmaker in collaboration with Hercules Magazine, a lone wanderer takes a train into Berlin and drifts into a pack of friends ready to take him under their Saint Laurent-draped wing. “I had a lot of freedom to tell the story that I wanted to,” Adef said of the project. Far removed from his usual focus on sexuality, he’s branched out into a story he describes as more global, while retaining the visceral, raw style that has caught the attention of many, including fellow filmmaker Matt Lambert.