Who Are We?

Each brand or designer can use Future of Fashion to create an online showroom to showcase their collections, fashion films, designs and products to an international audience, and from there raise awareness about their brand to increase interest, publicity and increased profits through sales on the site. The users can thereby create a sustainable platform for their brand, where to show their designs, get in contact with people from the industry and sell their products.

Our Integrations

Sell your products through our Marketplace integration.
Upload your collections, so the world can discover your brand.
Fashion Films
Upload your Fashion Film(s) and see others to get inspired.
Job Listings
Post or search for jobs, internships or/and project.
Online Courses
Educate yourself through our online video course integration.
Search through our database of worldwide fashion agencies.
Fashion Schools
We have listed the best fashion schools for you to explore.
We've gathered all the contests you need to know about.

What Does It Cost?

It’s free to register at Future of Fashion and there is no minimum for how much you can upload or sell. The only thing sellers needs to be aware of is that they pay a record low 10% commission on each product sold. This means that the fashion brands or the designers doesn’t pay anything until they complete a sale through Future of Fashion.

The Marketplace

We create the right conditions for upcoming fashion designers and fashion brands to be discovered. We inspire them to develop design that is individual and experimental, giving them right online shopping tools to promote, sell and deliver it.
Unlimited Products
There is no limit to the number of products you can sell through Future of Fashion.
Flexible Product Variants
Use a unified inventory management interface with multi-dimensional product variants (such as size and color) and sale prices.
10% Fee On Sold Products
You pay only 10% in commision each time you sell one of your products from your shop.
Product Merchandising
Easily sort, organize, and manage your products with our drag-and-drop sorting tool, tags and categories, and visibility and scheduling settings.
Order Management
Track outstanding orders, resend customer update emails, and print packing slips from a single interface.
Customer Insight
Understand your customer base with insights such as total spend, average order value, and more about each customer.
Flexible Shipping Options
Set up shipping options for your store, from pickup, flat-rate, weight-based to real-time rates. Apply country restrictions as needed.
Inventory Management
Manage your inventory with an easy-to-use interface and quick views into your variants and stock levels. We’ll send you an email alert when your stock levels are low.

How Does It Work?

Future of Fashion is extremely simple to use. All fashion brands or designers can create a profile, after which it is possible to upload collections, films and/or sell their products to a global audience. This also means that the users can refer to press, buyers and industry professionals through Future of Fashion and sell their products through our platform without paying high commissions to agents or middle-men.

What Can I Expect?

Future of Fashion is a catalyst for creatives, helping them develop their careers in the fashion industry. With the platform created at Future of Fashion, individuals will be provided with the networking and educational experiences to rocket the start of their careers as talented fashion designers, or/and expand the economic growth of your upcoming fashion brand. Future of Fashion is made with the objective of being a bridge between designers and companies. As a designer you can form and showcase your brand identity to an international audience here amongst buyers, press and industry professionals looking for designers and brands with new thoughts of invention and innovation.

Ready to become a part of a international fashion community?

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